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Backpacking Tribe Italy, March 2021


Hi there! Great you’re checking out our itinerary.


  • Nice travel companions
  • WhatsApp group
  • Advise on what to do


  • Flights
  • Tour guide
  • Visum
  • Vaccinations
  • Meals
  • Accomodation (we just provide you with what to book!)
  • Personal expenses

Why would I choose for a backpacking tribe?

Because we believe that traveling together is more awesome than going at it alone. If you travel completely solo, you meet people in the hostels, but it’s unlikely that you travel together because everyone has different plans. Backpacking Tribe helps to bring people with the same plans together, so you can go and explore together and build deeper and lasting connections.





Milan: 1-3 march

Venice: 3-5 march

Turin: 5-7 march

Genoa: 7-9 march

Cinque Terre: 9-11 march

Bologna: 11-13 march

Florence: 13-15 march

Tuscany: 15-17 march

Rome: 17-19 march

Naples: 19-21 march

Pompei: 21-23 march

Bari: 23-25 march

Catania: 25-27 march

Palermo 27-29 march



Are you interested in joining? Then Click here to join the WhatsApp Group for this trip!


What will the accommodation be like?

We go from hostel to hostel.?



How will we travel?

This is up to the group. Probably by bus or by train, but if you can find others to hitchhike, that’s also fine!?


What about Covid?

Well, it’s your own responsibility and I can’t guarantee that travel restrictions will take place during or before the trip starts. For now it seems fine though. Keep up to date with the latest news and be safe!